Subscription Plans

WoZ Builders operates on a monthly ‘Subscription’ style membership with no lock-in contracts. To qualify you must represent a Builder or closely related business located in Western Australia. Categories where your blogs can be posted is dependent on your subscription level.

All subscription plans allow unlimited posts and unlimited image uploads.

For all visitors the site is completely free.

Free Subscriptions – Until December 2019

Until the end of December 2019 all subscription plans are free of charge during which time we will assess traffic levels to determine appropriate fees. We anticipate a basic plan will be in the order of $80 / month.

Basic Contributor

As a ‘Basic Contributor‘ you will be able to write and post new blogs, upload images for use within your blogs, embed youtube videos etc. There are no limits on how many blog articles you can create or how often you create them.

Non-Builder Basic Contributor

To qualify for a ‘Non Builder’ subscription your business must be closely related to builders, such as outdoor furniture, landscaping, home appliances etc. You will be limited to non-builder categories.

Real Estate Agent

We will only accept Real Estate Agents currently handling new land sales & developments. The site is not for advertising established properties under any circumstances. This rule will be policed and offending accounts will be terminated.

Featured & Showcase Contributor

Featured Contributors can post articles into any category, including the Featured category which is always displayed at the top of our home page and is the first thing visitors see.

In addition a Featured Contributor appears in our Showcase. The Showcase is more fancy and has a gallery of your work as chosen by you.

To ensure maximum exposure for Featured Contributors we are limiting the number of subscriptions to eight.

Subscription Contact Form

Name of the business you represent (required).
Confirm your business location. Must be located and servicing Western Australia (required).
Contact phone number (optional).
Email Address (required).
Classify your business. We are interested only in builders or building related businesses in Western Australia. Related businesses must be closely related. Use "Ctrl+Click" to select multiple options.
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Note: When 'telephone' is selected we only contact you if we need to and only during regular WA business hours.