Calling Mortgage Brokers

Remember the old days when seeking a Home Loan we would visit our local bank branch and speak with the manager. You’d be on first name terms and would discuss how your day has been, how well the kids are going at school and generally catch up with each other because, you hadn’t seen one another since aunt Gladys’s birthday BBQ two weeks ago. Those days are gone forever and now we are numbers and nothing more.

Mortgage Brokers changed the mortgage model for all eternity with a more personal approach, often visiting clients homes sharing a cup of coffee, getting to know you and you knowing them. A brokers job is to compare mortgages offered by lenders to find one that suits your specific needs best. Bank employees are paid even if your mortgage is declined or you go somewhere else, whereas a broker is only paid when you have the mortgage best suited to your current needs.

Current needs are mentioned for a reason because on a regular basis a good mortgage broker will follow up to ensure your mortgage is performing for you, and potentially moving you to another lender if a better deal comes along.

Mortgage Brokers are the most important person in your house hunting life, we recognise that and call upon Western Australian brokers, big or small, to join us and blog your thoughts, market directions and your unique insights.