Furnishing, Appliances, Outdoor Living

For local Western Australian businesses offering new home related products such as furnishings & appliances we have created a category just for you.

Having recently built a new home my wife and I had a strong urge to purchase new lounge suites, beds, dining suites, refrigerators and alike. If I’m totally honest I would have thought it made more sense to wait until the property was complete before coughing up cash for items we already owned, but was convinced what we had wouldn’t be suitable.

With two choices presented, the first being “let’s wait and buy all that stuff later“. That approach meant we’d have some large expenses at the end of the build, whereas our second choice “let’s start getting stuff three or four months beforehand and laybuy them“. Less bill shock later and everything was ready the day we moved! That’s the way we went and what a life saver it was. Lounge suites and other items often take a few weeks to be made, or aren’t in stock and getting these things ahead of time saved us much heart ache.

This blog category is for retailers selling wares related to the home and outdoor living. Share your ideas, concepts and market trends with everyone. In general site visitors are in the market, or will be, for what you are selling. WoZ Builders offers you a unique method of communication via blogging. Blog every day if you like, say what you want to say and how you want to say it. The more you blog, the more exposure you get. It’s a pretty simple formula.