Welcome to WoZ Builders

It’s all very exciting right now as we begin creating our new website, a site catering to Western Australian’s contemplating building their dream home or commercial investment property. We are not interested in builders from all over Australia, our only interest is showcasing WA builders and helping create the perfect buyer / builder partnership.

Having recently built our home I can assure you the process of selecting our builder was scary, exciting, confusing, mind-boggling, frustrating and ore inspiring. The end result was worth the effort we put in but things might have gone easier for us if we had access to a website with all the builders available in our area – that’s what WoZ Builders is all about.

WoZ Builders is about showcasing Western Australian builders. It’s about helping you learn about your potential builders through their blogs and it’s also about your builders communicating with potential clients. We can learn much about a builder through reading about their goals, thoughts on trends and concepts using their own words.

WoZ Builders is ultimately about bringing builder & buyers together and creating something amazing.