About Featured Blogs

When you post a blog into the Featured category it will appear at the top of the home page along with other Featured posts. Only builders with a Featured Contributor Subscription will be able to submit articles into this category.

The latest blogs appear first, therefore, it is in your interests to create blog entries regularly and, if you have access, place them into the Featured category.

Non Featured posts, that is posts in other categories, will still appear on the front page in the order in which they are created, the difference being that Featured blogs are displayed more prominently at the top and draw the readers attention.

Limited number of Feature Subscriber Packages available

There will be a limit of eight Featured Contributor Subscriptions available. Limiting in this way ensures maximum exposure for those prepared to pay a little extra each month.

Beyond early 2020 a monthly fee will be payable if you wish to post into the featured category. Until then only the first eight builders signing up will be given Featured access. For more information see Subscription Plans.