About WoZ Sites

I guess we’ve all heard about this new fang dangled thing they call the ‘Internet’ and the possibilities and opportunities available to everyone. That all sounds great but globalisation creates a frustrating problem for many users, users whom are your potential clients.

The Problem

When searching the internet for resources we are often confronted with results from all over the world or if we are lucky, all over the country. But when I search for something I’m really only interested local results. Local and within reach of where I am. Similarly, how often have you performed a search on something innocuous and get results that are so off-base that you wonder why you bothered. So much time is wasted sorting search results hoping you’ll stumble upon what you actually wanted.

The Solution

WoZ Sites attempt to address the problem by limiting everything we do to Western Australia only, with particular emphasis on major metropolitan regions like Perth. Everything end users find on a Woz Sites website will be local because we verify that services and products offered are in Western Australia. We have no interest in businesses in Sydney or Whoop Whoop!

We have a number of sites in the pipeline, each will focus and showcase Western Australian businesses and products to Western Australian users.