About Us

I’ve been around the internet for more than 25 years, yes I was there at the beginning, and finding goods & services online clouds my results with information I didn’t want or need. Sorting through dozens or even hundreds of pages looking for something local can be a nightmare and I eventually give up and someone somewhere has lost a potential sale.

Personally I’d like to see the internet downsized a little with sites more focused solely on smaller regions – Western Australia for example.

You have to admit a group of sites (yes, we have more sites coming) dedicated to Western Australians makes a lot of sense. Someone in Bunbury considering building a new home isn’t interested in builders in Queensland. They want to know which builders are available in WA employing Western Australians using Western Australian products.

WoZ Builders is about showcasing Western Australia builders, domestic, commercial and renovators in a unique way. Through their blogs you can learn a lot about them, their values and the direction they are taking as the future unfolds. We are not here to promote any particular builder, we are here to give them a common platform where they can all have their say and hopefully speak to you through their writings.

Having recently built ourselves I can assure you it is a daunting task and choosing the right builder is key. I can’t remember how many phone calls I made to builders whom said “Sorry, we don’t build in the Mandurah area…”. Frustrating to say the least.

Visitors to this site have one thing in mind, finding a builder local to them, and we hope this site helps bring builders and clients together.

About WoZ Sites

WoZ Builders is part of the WoZ SITES Network. WoZ SITES is small local business located in Mandurah and believe in supporting fellow local businesses.

All hardware associated with the WoZ SITES, that is Web Servers, Mail and Database Servers are physically located in Mandurah rather than being rented month to month from an overseas provider. All the technical skills are Western Australian. We work, live and play locally and do all we can to support local businesses employing local people.